Saturday, January 16, 2010

Garrett County Power Outage

     Personally I have been lucky this season. Whether a seasoned Garrett County native or uninitiated visitor here for a Deep Creek vacation, nothing can spoil your day (s) like a power outage. Realizing how lucky I have been this far and taking advantage of the great weather I planned a blackout. As a hiker who frequently uses Garrett Trails my backpack is always ready to go for a week. You may not have this luxury so here are some tips to prepare for the unexpected.

     Have in place a 'Black Pack' and know where it is. Some helpful items to have on hand include: Flashlight with extra batteries, candles and matches, water, food, can opener, and TP. 

It might be nice to also have a portable radio, deck of cards and good book

     Use natures refrigeration, snow can be used to pack coolers or Bear Bag perishables.  Remember NEVER EAT SNOW as a way to stay hydrated. NEVER EAT YELLOW SNOW PERIOD.

     All in all the evening was peaceful and relaxing, NPR, candles, and a good book complete with warm fire. The lesson learned was pre-planning for these events can eliminate most of the stress associated with the unexpected. Another option is to own a home equipped with a generator. Check out this to learn more.