Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch At ASCI Adventure Sports Center International

I recently took my lunch at the WORLDS ONLY mountaintop whitewater facility. Located atop WISP mountain. This man made river is completely adjustable and great for beginners or experts alike. Many national and International events are also held here. Even if your not getting wet the scenery is awesome.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deep Creek Lake Garrett County Housing Trends

I just came across these very easy to understand indicators if what the market is like in our area and thought I would pass them along. I still am a firm believer that this is a great market to buy or sell in. Yes I said BUY or SELL. I would be happy to discuss your real estate concerns just drop me an EMAIL. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Officiant For Hire

Beside being the most fun agent for your real estate needs at Deep Creek Lake, I also moonlight as a wedding officiant. I like to help with the two most stressful situations we can face. From traditional to the not so traditional. I have married in the back seat of a jeep. Commitment ceremonies or vow renewal. I would be happy to help in anyway I can. Please feel free to contact me  to discuss your future plans.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Deep Creek Sewer.... Odors,Fish Kill, Spills, A Messy Situation

With all the recent uproars over the Deep Creek Fish Kill and sewage spills answers and facts have been hard to come by and understand. In my travels around the lake there is one thing that is pretty apparent. THE WHOLE THING STINKS.  In response to the smell of the system that serves Deep Creek lake, the Garrett County DPU released the following fact sheet.Click below for the "facts"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ledos Pizza Sponsors Race Car

Big Thanks to Ledo Pizza in the McHenry Plaze for sponsoring my race car.
Although racing does not happen in Garrett County it is just a few miles away. Roaring Knob Motorports Complex in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is my home track. Racing on Saturdays at 7:00pm.


Hard to believe that the first day of school is just next week. That means buses will be on the roads carrying precious cargo. Below is a video of Captain Obvious from the WY police.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fishing Contests Scheduled.

With all the recent commotion about the fish kill and health of the lake. I wanted to pass along some information that can help you make a more informed decision and have some fun in the process.

Next Fishing tournament scheduled on DCL is Sept. 4 & 5 – Bill’s Outdoor Center.
FYI –Tournaments cancelled in August were cancelled by the Tournament Directors themselves.  They wanted to give the fish a chance to recover from the stress.  Actually they were protecting the resource.  Hats off to them for caring as much as they do.   
Here are the remaining Fishing tournaments planned on DCL.
Sept.  4- Saturday              7 am – 3:30 pm                          30 boats
Bill’s Outdoor Center & RMLV – 5th Annual      
Justin Hershman    301-387-3474
Sept.  5 – Sunday                7 am – 3:30 pm                          30 boats
Bill’s Outdoor Center & RMLV – 5th Annual      
Justin Hershman    301-387-3474
Sept. 11 – Sat –           5 am Registration      7 am -  3:30                       30 Boats
One or Two man tourn. - Garrett Bassers -        OPEN tourn.
Jake Fazenbaker – 301-616-1985      546 Limosine Ridge Rd;  McHenry, MD   21541
Sept. 12-  Sunday                 6am– 3:00 pm                            20 boats
Tri-State Bass Circuit
Todd Rifenbery;  2632  Hyndman Rd; Hyndman, PA  15545
301-784-1000  ext. 4017   /  home: 814-842-6875  / cell:  814-842-6875

Sept.18 & 19NO Tournaments permitted due to 4th Annual SavageMan Triathlon  

Sept. 26        - Sunday        8 am – 4:00 pm                                  30 boats
Yough Walleye – Club Tourn – members only
Steve Popson - P.O. Box 613,  Hopwood PA   15445    SHelter
724 438 0465 / Cell:  724-323-4696
Oct. 2  – Saturday                      7am – 3:30 pm                   40 boats
Butch Ward Memorial – W. Regional Division
Dick Brown   301-471-9519  / office 301-695-9091/  home 301-695-0775
5766 Hanover Ct.; Frederick, MD  21703
Oct. 8 – Friday                  6:30 am – 3:30                                  16 boats
Fish on BASS Anglers – Club tournament
Greg Snider; 18210 Dark Star Way; Boyds, MD  20841
Oct. 9 –Saturday         6:30 am – 3;30 pm                               16 boats
Fish on BASS Anglers – Club tournament
Greg Snider; 18210 Dark Star Way; Boyds, MD  20841
Oct. 9  – Saturday                      7am – 3:30 pm                   40 boats
MD BASS Federation
Dick Brown   301-471-9519  / office 301-695-9091/  home 301-695-0775
5766 Hanover Ct.; Frederick, MD  21703
October 10 – Sunday              7 am – 3:00 pm                          30 boats
Yough Walleye – Club Tourn – members only
Steve Popson - P.O. Box 613,  Hopwood PA   15445
724 438 0465 / Cell:  724-323-4696
October  16 - Saturday          8 am – 4:00 pm                          30 boats
Yough Walleye – Club Tourn – members only
Steve Popson - P.O. Box 613,  Hopwood PA   15445
724 438 0465 / Cell:  724-323-4696                              SHELTER
Oct. 17- Sunday         6:00 am – 3:00 pm                               40 boats
Classic Bass   3rd Annual Open Bass Tournament,
Marlon Whoolery   724-322-0169
Tony Slovak  301-616-1154

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Garrett Open Recovery Race

Garrett Open / Recovery Run gains Saucony Sponsorship
The planning committee of the Garrett Open  / Recovery Race (GO/RR) was
recently informed that the race will be sponsored by Saucony running
shoes.  The 6 Kilometer (3.75 mile) run on Saturday, August 28th is
being held on established trails at Herrington Manor State Park.  The
looped course will be through hardwood forests, glades and along the
banks of Herrington Lake.

     The Recovery Race is annually held in recognition of
National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month which recognizes
those brave individuals who are in recovery from an addiction. Nearly
every family has been touched by the affects of drug and alcohol abuse.
Garrett Trails is co-sponsoring the event to draw attention to the
magnificent trail system throughout Garrett County.  Each year the
Garret Open is held on a different trail to expose participants to a
*new* or sometimes forgotten trail.  The Garrett Trails Committee
has developed a master plan that includes a loop trail approximately 150
miles long, to connect existing trails and many of the county*s towns
to the Great Allegheny Passage.  Proceeds from the race will benefit the
Garrett County STEPS Committee and Garrett Trails.

The race will start at 9:00 a.m. with registration beginning at 8:00
a.m.  In addition to the  6 kilometer run, a one mile *fun run/walk*
is available for those persons wanting to support the cause and just
enjoy the trail.  Participants whose applications are postmarked by
August 14th will receive an $8.00 discount from the regular registration
fee of $20.00.  All pre-registered participants will receive a
commemorative t-shirt and other promotional items.  Late registrants
will receive t-shirts while the supply lasts.   A $50 cash prize and
complementary rafting pass at ASCI will be awarded to the top male and
female runners.  Non-cash awards will be given to the top male and
female runners in 7 different age groups.  The top three male and female
walkers will also receive awards.

     The race application and a course map are available on the Garrett
Trails website at .  For more information on the
GO/RR call race director Bob Stephens at 301-616-6300.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Garrett County Elections Where Legends Are Made?

With all the political campaign signs littering our supposed Maryland Scenic Byways it can be hard to tell who is who. I saw a sign the other day and thought for a minute they were getting the band back together. It can be confusing figuring out who is who in the upcoming election. I myself have asked questions of the Commissioners and all three flat out REFUSED to comment. As a REALTOR I was glad to get a voters guide from our local board. I share it with yo below so you may decipher the spin.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ledo Pizza Rocks deep Creek Lake

A very BIG Thank You to Ledo Pizza in McHenry. Not only do they have the best cheesesteak in Garrett County but a full menu to please everyone. I am very glad to have their support for the remainder of the race season on my car. If you have never seen dirt track racing I encourage everyone to come out and support the local drivers. Of course eat at Ledo's.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Facts on Deep Creek Lake Fish Kill

Thanks to Patty Manown Mash of the DNR Below is an extensive Q&A concerning the recent fish kill at Deep Creek Lake.

Frequently asked questions about the dead fish in Deep Creek Lake
August 3, 2010
Is it safe to swim in the water at Deep Creek Lake?  Yes. The fish are not dying because of a water contact problem but because two pathogens have taken advantage of the stressed condition of the fish and caused them to become weakened and die.  Recreational users of the lake should always use caution when swimming in natural waters by avoiding contact with the water if they have open or new wounds or have a compromised immune system, as all such waters contain a wide variety of naturally occurring bacteria.
Why are the fish stressed? The temperature of the water in Deep Creek Lake during July has been the highest ever recorded over several decades of temperature monitoring. The fish are finding very warm water in the upper surface waters (78 – 80 degrees F).  The lower layer of the lake water has naturally occurring low dissolved oxygen, limiting good available habitat for the fish.  These two factors cause stress for fish.
What caused the fish to die? The Maryland Department of Environment fish biologist who specializes in determining the cause of fish kills has determined from samples taken from affected fish in Deep Creek Lake that two pathogens are at work here: one is a protozoan (gill parasite) and the other is a bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila.
Why is Aeromonas hydrophila here in the lake this year?  This bacteria is probably not new to the lake.  It is common in most aquatic systems in Maryland and other areas with warm climate.  The difference this year is that fish were stressed and vulnerable to an infection.  Aeromonas hydrophila is described as a "saprophytic" meaning it becomes pathogenic when fishes are physiologically unbalanced, nutritionally deficient or there are other abnormalities which allow opportunistic organisms to invade.
Where did the bacteria come from?  There is not a specific source for the bacteria. It is considered a common bacteria in aquatic systems (from freshwater to salt water), mainly affecting cold blooded critters (NOT a common human pathogen).  Many kinds of bacteria are found in aquatic systems and are part of the natural system.
Is there any monitoring for any bacteria in Deep Creek Lake? There are different measures for acceptable bacteria levels depending on the designated uses of the water.  Deep Creek Lake is not a drinking water supply.  It is a hydroelectric generating impoundment and a water based recreational resource. The only bacteria monitored in recreational waters is E. coli which is considered the standard indicator for contaminated water. The Garrett County Health Department monitors the amount E. coli bacteria at numerous places around the lake each month from April through September. 
How much bacteria is in the water?  Data from the Garrett County Health Department indicates that E. coli counts at all data points on Deep Creek Lake are low and would not indicate unsafe swimming conditions.
Can my dog swim in the water?  Yes. But dog owners are cautioned to prevent animals from eating dead fish that may be washed up on the shoreline.  Floating dead fish should not be retrieved by pets either. 
What can be done about the dead fish along the shoreline? With the warm air temperatures it will take a few days for the fish to decompose and disappear leaving rotten fish odors.  Avoid direct contact with dead fish. If possible, dead fish should be scooped up with a shovel and buried under several inches of soil somewhere away from human activity. If the fish are left to rot on the shoreline, sightings of eagles, raccoons, crows or bears may become more commonplace.
How long will the situation last?  No one knows the answer to that question.  Cooler weather should alleviate the conditions as more normal water temperatures will provide fish with suitable habitat, causing less stress.  Once the fish are healthier they will be able to fight off the influences of the protozoan and bacteria.
Can I fish from our dock?   Fishing is ok.  Extra care should be taken to wash hands often and if in injury from a hook or spine should occur, wash the wound carefully with soap and water and keep the wound away from the lake water.
Can I eat the fish I caught in Deep Creek Lake? Fish not showing signs of disease are safe to eat, as long as they are thoroughly cooked.
If 1000 fish have been found dead along the shoreline in a little over 2 weeks  time– are there any fish left in the lake? The DNR Fisheries Service biologists who manage the fishery don’t have an exact count of the number of fish in the lake but have made an educated guess that several hundred thousand fish live in Deep Creek Lake.  The fish mortality from this event is a very small percentage of the overall fish in the lake.
My children are playing with the dead fish – is that a problem?  Direct contact with dead fish should be avoided by everyone.  Remove dead fish from the shoreline with a shovel and bury them.  Wash thoroughly after contact with dead fish.
Who should I call to report dead fish or turtles in Deep Creek Lake?  The Frostburg office of MDE is taking calls during business hours for fish kill reports or algae blooms that occur more locally – Garrett County. That number is 301-689-1480.  Or there are two telephone numbers to call anytime at 1-866-MDE-GOTO or 877-224-RBAY. If the message recording does not come on, hang up and call again.  These numbers are both used for reporting of fish kills and algae blooms anywhere in Maryland and late summer is a busy time for these environmental situations