Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deep Creek Lake Cabin Living Sleeping with Mother Nature

As a native of Garrett County and one who tends to enjoy a more rustic lifestyle Deep Creek winters can get a little chilly. I love listening to the wind howl through my ancient, single pane, plate glass windows. Winter means the breaking out of my favorite quilt, made by my great grandmother. A bale of fleece blankets and flannel sheets and my bed becomes a true dreamers paradise. However, as I begin to get a little long in the tooth those first few minutes in the hay can do more to wake me up than put me out. I share with you some of my sleep aids. The hairdryer and iron. In my old school days I was a fan of using the dryer for sheets and blankets. Alas, much heat is lost and effort required to prepare the bed. A good ironing of the sheets and pillows prior to bed gets things rolling. Once in a quick blast from the dryer, especially aimed at the feet and welcome sandman.

Pleasant Dreams