Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Tomato Of The Season


     Today I was dreaming of that first BLT of the season. This years will of course be on home baked bread. Bacon from a local 4-H project. Mayo made from local fresh eggs. Lettuce and tomato from the garden. A special THANK YOU! to Max, Katherine and all the little Dubanskys from Back Bone Food Farm. Once again this year they have provided the plants and seeds for my garden. Some of the staples and a few things that will be identified when grown. For me the best thing is these plants are all organic planted in my completely organic plot. It was very close to 9:00 pm when I wen to check the garden. In the fading light of springs last days I discovered 3 small tomatoes on the vine. Don't forget that all the fruits of the farmers labors are coming to the Mountain Fresh Farmers Markets. Click below for locations and schedules.