Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penn Alps Restaurant Review

      Penn Alps bills itself as a old roots restaurant with its gift shop and artisan village conjuring thoughts of authentic home style cooking. Forget Expectations of essential service; timely greeting, prompt beverage order, follow up on food and check presentation were not met. Not being greeted at the door is a pretty big turn off for me and bad way to start any dining experience. Understanding that others also need attention when the dining room is sparsely filled on what should be restaurant prime time it usually is another indication.
    On our second visit everyone opted for the buffet, a showcase of the best of the best.
The salad bar was adequate the rest disappointing. In our opinion not much is cooked, a lot is fried at this restaurant. Canned fruits and vegetables and packaged restaurant service food are the norm and  BLAND.     Mostly fried items shrimp, fish, clams and the chicken looked absolutely perfect. The first bite had a pleasant crunch but there was absolutely no seasoning or flavor. Accompanying sides of baby carrots in orange juice and butter, limp green beans, what we think was velveta shells and cheese also lacked any punch. The mashed potatoes were ok but the packaged gravy hurt them.
    Ample dessert selections looked stale and tasted the same. There was one shining star. the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was quite honestly the best ever remembered. 15 bucks for a salad and these cookies actually seemed reasonable the cookies were that good and the commercial sherbet.
     This easily accessed from the freeway restaurant can make a living on the weary traveler needing a bite. The gift shop surely adds to the profit margin. The setting and Penn Alps restaurant are very charming. It is the rest that leaves a bad taste. However that cookie was devine.
Appearance 3     Service 1    Food Quality  1.5  Overall Experience  1
FINAL RATING 1.5 stars