Friday, October 8, 2010

Garrett County Black Bears

The leaves are turning and the weather cooling off and the bears know it. According to a DNR estimate the Garrett County black bear population is over 600 bears. that is 4 bears per 10 square miles. Knowing that on average Md black bears weigh between 125-400 pounds and some more than 600 pounds, that is a whole lot of bear running around. They are hungry now trying to increase their fat reserves in anticipation of a long winter. Bears are mostly like my hippy friends, organic vegetarian. However they will occasionally eat fish and garbage.

Bear season is also almost here and more information on that is found at this link

What do I do if I see a bear? Bear attacks are extremely rare if you are out and about in the woods make some noise. If you run across a bear unaware of you back away, if you spot a cub? Be aware that mom is probably close by. Above all stay calm, DO NOT RUN, avoid direct eye contact, and appreciate the opportunity to come in contact with such a unique animal.