Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In all my years here I have never been to the tube park at WISP. I know some great runner sled roads and back hills. Last night some friends were heading to the Bear Claw Tubing Park at WISP Resort, in Deep Creek Lake, MD. so I went along. Wednesday is locals day and the price was eight (8) dollars for two (2) hours.

It was FAST very fast. The park was clean and the warming hut huge, and the place was PACKED. I managed two (2) runs in better past the first hour and was not going through the cattle call again. It is definitely a place for all ages. I went with two good friends both over 70 and they hopped right in and flew to the bottom. The stopping was a bit hard as you can see. I dont know if the higher prices on the weekend twenty two dollars for 2 hours keep crowds down? No climbing  up the hill is great and the ride down fast and furious. It was the waiting that hurt.   *** out of five stars.