Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzrd 09 Storm Of The Century Over..... For Now

Just before the start of winter and it looks like we are right where we belong. 'Storm of the century' 'Top 5 storms of all time' 'America held hostage' the headlines read and the news continue to lead with it. It was a great snow. I am guessing almost 2 feet in my neck of the woods. The howling winds have not moved it and we can now get into the winter recreation season. All those hiking trails are now great for X-country and snow shoeing, especially at night.  With the winter season upon us there are some things to remember. I am not suggesting buying a pallet of TP or a dozen loaves of bread. however, some simple reminders never hurt. Probably best to not let the gas tank get below 1/4 tank. Some blankets and a shovel and tow rope usually are not a bad idea either. Slow down and enjoy it... I think that applies year round. Most importantly our wild kingdom is still about. As seen along the road. Available for your questions, comments, and opportunities.